Can You Throw Away Sage

How to Get Rid of Sage in a Safe and Respectful Way

Burning with sage, also commonly known as smudging, is an established Native American tribal practice that holds many benefits that can help improve your well-being. This practice is said to get rid of any bad spirits that may be in your home.

I’m sure if you’ve thought about smudging, or have done it in the past, you’ve wondered how to properly get rid of your sage when you are finished with it.

You should not throw sage away in the trash can. The best way to dispose of it is to wait for it to stop burning and then burying it outside to seal any negative energy outside that was removed while smudging.

If you’re a practitioner of one of the many new-age spiritual practices that are gaining popularity these days, it’s important to know how to get rid of sage once you’re done with it.

What to Do When Finished with Sage

If you are wondering if you can throw sage away in a regular trash can, it is not recommended. Sage will continue to burn after you are finished with it, so if you throw it away it could cause a fire.

What Was Sage Used for in the 19th Century?

Sage was rubbed on the teeth to make them whiter in nineteenth-century America.

Also, if you are using the sage to cleanse the spiritual energy in a space, you definitely won’t want to dispose of it inside. So how can you dispose of your sage in a way that is safe, respectful, and still rids the area of negative energy?

After you are finished burning your sage, there are two ways that you can stop burning. The first way is to set the sage directly back in the fireproof bowl, set it on your stove, and let it burn out on its own. You should supervise this process, so try to stay close until the smoke stops.

The second way is to crush the tip of the smudge stick into the fireproof bowl you used for the practice. This will extinguish any embers that may still be burning. Make sure you feel the end of the stick to make sure it is cooled down.

What Family is Sage a Member of?

The herb Sage is a member of the mint family.

To be extra safe using this process, set the sage inside the fireproof bowl and place it on your stove while it finishes cooling down. Keep anything flammable away from the sage while it continues to cool off. The sage will continue to smoke for around 20-30 minutes and will cool down during that time.

How to Dispose of Sage

When the sage is cooled down completely, you can dispose of it. As mentioned above, it’s not a good idea to throw the remains in a trash can. The ashes and sage stick are considered sacred, and it is considered disrespectful to throw them away. It’s also not a good idea to throw sage away inside because it will trap the bad energy that you just got rid of in your home instead of letting the energy out.

The best way to get rid of the sage and the ashes is to take them outside and scatter them into a flower bed or under a tree. This is a great way of offering the bad energy back to the earth in a sincere way that shows gratitude. It is recommended to bury the remains when you are finished, symbolizing the end of the negative energies in your space.

How Much Sage Is Sold In The U.S. Annually?

More than 2 million ounces of sage are sold in the U.S. each year.


Burning sage is a great practice that can help you get rid of negative energies in your home or office space. This practice is sacred and highly established in Native American tribes. For this reason, it is important to make sure your honor the sacred tradition properly.

Can you throw away your sage when you are finished with it? It’s not recommended.

It is considered disrespectful to throw away sage in a trash can. The best way to dispose of sage after you are finished with a cleanse is to allow it to cool down completely, then bury it outside in the dirt to symbolize the end of any negative energies the sage removed.

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