Disposing of an Airsoft Gun

How to Dispose of an Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are incredibly fun to play about with. However, eventually, there will be a point where the airsoft gun either doesn’t work, or it has outlived its usefulness. So, how do you get rid of an airsoft gun? Well, there are a few different methods.

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Most parts of an airsoft gun are recyclable. You can break the gun down into plastic and metal pieces and bring it to your local recycling center. If it still works, you can resell it to someone as long as they meet the legal requirements in your area. Alternatively, you can simply save it for parts.

We are going to run you through some of the more popular ways to get rid of an airsoft gun.

Do Not Throw It In The Trash

Right away, we want to point out that an airsoft gun should never be placed in the trash. Nearly every single component found in an airsoft gun can be recycled.

Remember, if you throw an airsoft gun away in the trash, it will stay in a landfill forever. There are a couple of issues with this.

Firstly, putting items into landfills is a bad thing. We have a limited amount of space on this planet, and if we do not control the number of items that we are throwing away, we will very quickly run out of space for landfills. In fact, many places have so little space available that they are shipping their waste elsewhere, sometimes overseas, which adds even more pollution.

Sure, some waste is burned instead of going into landfills, but this does nothing other than send waste up into the air. This contributes to global warming.

Secondly, the plastic and other components in an airsoft gun will leak chemicals into the surrounding soil. This causes issues with the water supply and the land. Neither is a good thing.

Disposing of Airsoft Guns

Recycling Airsoft Guns

Perhaps the best way to get rid of an old airsoft gun, particularly if it no longer works, is to recycle it.

Now, you won’t just be able to hand over the airsoft gun to a recycling center and expect them to do something with it. Instead, you are going to need to do a little bit of preparation.

Most airsoft guns are made up of a combination of metal and plastic. These items are not recycled in the same way, and recycling facilities will not have the technology to separate them. This means that it is up to you to break down the airsoft gun.

If you know your way around your airsoft fun, then this should be pretty simple to do. In the majority of cases, you will have to do nothing more than undo a couple of screws.

Separate all of the components up. Have a box for metal and a box for your plastics. You can now recycle these separately.

Since both metals and plastics are commonly recycled items, almost every single recycling center will be able to deal with them. In fact, these items are so often recycled that you will likely have a collection from the side of the road regularly. You will have to look at the refuse collection system for your town or city to determine exactly when you should be leaving your metals and plastics outside.

So, what happens when these plastics and metals are recycled? Well, surprisingly, the process for these is going to be exactly the same. Although, of course, they are not going to be recycled together.

Both products will start by being ground up into roughly even-sized pieces. These small pieces will then be heated to melting point. Chemicals will be added to the molten mixture to help purify it. The process is completed by having the metal or plastic ‘set’ in molds. The recycled plastics and metals will then be sold to the factories that need them.

Sell It!

If the airsoft gun still works, why not sell it? There will almost certainly be people out there that are willing to take it off your hands.

It is important to consider the laws in the state you live in, though. Many states will prohibit sales of airsoft guns to anybody under the age of 18. This includes private sales.

So, if you do not want the full force of the law to come down on you, make sure that you do an age check before you sell the airsoft gun. Well, at least if you are in any doubt about the age of the buyer.

Keep It For Parts

Surprisingly, a lot of airsoft gun parts are standardized. If you stick to the same manufacturer for your airsoft gun, then you will probably find that there will be a lot of overall between the components.

Many people that really love their airsoft guns will never dispose of their old weapons. Instead, they keep them for spares. That way you are putting your old airsoft gun to use. It is going to save you both time and money if something goes wrong with your newer airsoft gun!

Can You Return the Airsoft Gun to the Manufacturer?

Probably not.

While we are sure that there may be some airsoft gun manufacturers that allow you to return your old airsoft guns to them, it doesn’t really seem to be standard practice. You could always ask, but any of the other methods that we have mentioned already will be better for you.

Can You Hand the Airsoft Gun to the Police?

With a traditional firearm, you can normally give them to a local police station to get rid of them. Airsoft guns aren’t firearms and probably aren’t going to be accepted by your police department.


There are several different ways that you can recycle your old airsoft gun. Remember, if you are taking it to a recycling center, you will want to ensure that you break down the airsoft gun into components first.

Other than that, the process should be incredibly simple. The only other thing you need to know is that you should never, ever be putting an airsoft gun into the trash. Nearly everything inside of an airsoft gun can be recycled, so why not do your bit for the environment and ensure that it is actually recycled?