Can You Recycle Radiators

Radiator Recycling – How to Recycle and Sell Used Radiators

Have you got a radiator that needs to be disposed of? Wondering whether you can recycle them?

Radiator Recycling - How to Recycle...
Radiator Recycling - How to Recycle and Sell Used Radiators

Radiators can be recycled. They are almost 100% recyclable metal so they’re accepted at almost every recycling center. You can also sell them to junkyards, or scrap metal dealers in your area. Never throw them in the regular trash.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Can You Recycle Radiators?

Yes! In fact, it is a good thing to recycle radiators.

You have to remember that radiators are pretty much a big chunk of metal. There will be a small amount of paint on them, but they are essentially just metal.

Does Autozone Take Old Radiators?

Autozone and many other autoparts stores will take used car parts like radiators and recycle them or sell them for scrap.

Metal is one of the most recyclable materials out there. It is dreadfully easy for most places to recycle it. We will talk about how they do this in a short while.

Remember, when metal is recycled, it reduces the need for the metal industry to produce new metal. Of course, producing new metals is much worse for the environment than recycling.

While metal recycling does produce a small amount of pollution, it is just a small amount compared to what the metal industry would normally produce. So, by recycling your radiators, you will be doing your part for the environment.

Recycling Radiators

When you recycle a radiator, you will also be helping to keep it out of a landfill. This is the last place you want a radiator to be, particularly one that is covered in paint. Not only is the radiator going to be taking up space in the landfill but, over time, it will start to leak toxins and the like into the surrounding soil.

This will kill the land and could potentially poison water supplies. There is a reason why you shouldn’t be living anywhere near a landfill, and there is a reason why many animals around landfills quickly leave the area.

It ruins it for centuries and centuries to come. Therefore, by recycling your radiator, you are doing your part to help the environment even more.

Can You Scrap Old House Radiators?

Old house radiators have a value of between 2 cents and 2 dollars a pound. A traditional cast iron radiator found in old homes should get you $10.50 at a junkyard. If the radiator has steel components, remove them and you should be able to sell them for 5 cents a pound.

Where Do You Take Radiators That You Want to Recycle?

Nearly every single recycling center out there will allow you to take your radiator to them. Although, we have noticed that some of the smaller recycling centers may not deal with bulkier radiators.

If you are unsure, then you can contact them in advance. However, 90% of the time, they are going to be more than happy to accept radiators.

In some cases, your local council will have a system in place where they can collect the radiator from the curbside. However, this is something that you will need to call in advance about. It is unlikely that they are just going to be cruising around looking for massive pieces of metal, are they?

Alternatively, you can take the radiator to a local scrap metal dealer. If you do this, then they may even pay you a small amount of cash. Although, this is all going to be dependent on the demand for metal at that time.

Even if they do not give you cash, hand it over to them anyway. At least you can be sure that they are going to be ending up doing something useful with it.

Preparing Your Radiator For Recycling

Before you hand your radiator over to the recycling center, you will need to do a bit of preparation.

The radiator will need to be completely empty. This means that you will need to drain all of the water out of it.

You should also try to make sure that the radiator is as clean as possible. This means giving it a good wipe down.

If you do not empty the radiator first, then there is a strong chance that it won’t accept it for recycling. Thankfully, emptying a radiator is going to be easy. Just make sure that any coolant additives in the radiator are properly disposed of as well.

Radiators that have a bit of dirt on them will probably be accepted for recycling. After all, that dirt will be washed off at some point during the recycling process. If the radiator is heavily soiled then you’re going to want to wash it off first.

Are Old Car Radiators Worth Anything?

Old car radiators can be sold to scrap yards. The amount of money that you’ll make depends on the materials that they’re made of. Aluminum-copper will get you $1.15 a lb, brass is $1.25 – $2 a lb, cast iron is 2 – 7 cents a lb, and steel will get you 5 cents a lb.

What Happens to Radiators When They Are Recycled?

As we said before, the recycling process for radiators and other types of metal is pretty simple.

When you go to a recycling center, you will often add the radiator to a mixed metal box. Before it is recycled, the staff will separate the metals up.

The separated metals will then be ground up. This will make it a little bit easier to process and far fewer resources are required. Once everything has been ground up, the metal will be compressed into set shapes.

The next stage will involve heating the metal to an incredibly high temperature. Once the metal has been completely melted, the staff will add various chemicals into the mixture that will help to remove impurities.

The final stage is to set the melted metal into various molds. Once the metals have been set, they will be sold to businesses that have a need for metal.

Can You Throw Radiators in the Normal Trash?

No. Under absolutely no circumstances should you throw a radiator in your normal trash. Not that a garbage disposal team will collect it anyway. It is going to be far too big.

You may be able to get away with disposing of the radiator in a dumpster that you have rented. However, honestly, if you can recycle something, you should probably be recycling it.

It is the only thing that makes sense to us. After all, we all want to help protect the planet that we live on, right?


Radiators absolutely can be recycled. You will need to go to your local recycling center to have it carried out, though. If you can do that, then you will be benefitting the environment.

Nearly every single part of a radiator can be recycled. This means that it is easily one of the most recyclable products out there! Just make sure that you clean it and drain it before you take it to the recycling center otherwise there is no guarantee that it will be accepted.