Can You Recycle Laminate Flooring

Can You Recycle Laminate Flooring?

Recycling Laminate Flooring

The major problem with laminate flooring is that it isn’t like other types of wood. This is because, to give it that laminated shine, there are chemicals added to it. This, of course, results in many people wondering whether they can recycle laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is recyclable. The difficult part is finding a place locally that will accept it. Check with your local recycling center, landfill, and stores that sell flooring to see if they can accept your old laminate flooring. If not, then you’re probably stuck throwing it in the trash.

The truth? You probably can.

Can You Recycle Laminate Flooring?

In the past, it would have been impossible to recycle laminate flooring. This is because the chemicals that sit on top of the laminate would have been hard to separate from the wood.

This was a shame since about 90% of laminate flooring would be quality wood which could potentially be recycled. Thankfully, various recycling companies, and even laminate flooring manufacturers, have been working hard on processes that will allow them to recycle laminate flooring.

Can You Reuse Old Laminate Flooring?
You can reuse old laminate flooring as it isn’t glued to the subfloor. Remove each plank, being sure not to damage the tongue-in-groove. After removing the flooring, you can re-install it in the normal fashion. You should choose a space with less area than the initial install for the re-install.
Nowadays, you can recycle laminate flooring. The only real issue you will have is finding somewhere that will accept laminate flooring. Although, we will discuss that more in the next section.

Remember, if you can recycle something, you should always try to recycle it. If you don’t, then you’re doing more damage to the environment than necessary.

Where Can You Take Laminate Flooring To Be Recycled?

If you want to have your laminate flooring recycled, you will need to track down a location in your local area that can do it for you. Due to the processes that are required, not all recycling centers can deal with this type of flooring.

Just because a place deals with wood, it does not mean that it can deal with laminate. There is a huge difference between creating wood chips from a standard type of wood and one that has been coated with chemicals.

One thing that has started to happen recently is that more and more major laminate flooring manufacturers have started to introduce recycling schemes. They will come and collect it from you and recycle it using their own processes.

Recycling Laminate Flooring

This may be something that you want to look into if you are not able to get it recycled in your local area. Not all manufacturers can offer this type of service, though.

If you are a business, you may find that your local recycling center will not deal with you. Many of them are going to be limited to household users that probably do not have a lot of laminate flooring that needs to be recycled.

In your case, you will need to try and track down a recycling center that deals with commercial customers. You may have to pay a small fee for the recycling to be carried out here.

What Can I Do With Used Laminate Flooring?
Used laminate flooring can be recycled. Up to 85% of the materials used in laminate flooring can be recycled. Contact one of the major manufacturers to take part in their recycling program. You can also remove laminate flooring since it isn’t glued to the subfloor and reuse it in another area.

What Happens to Laminate Flooring When It is Recycled?

Laminate flooring will be recycled just like any other type of wood. However, because some of the chemicals will need to be removed from the product, it may be recycled in a different batch to the other wood.

For the most part, the goal of recycling laminate flooring is to turn it into wood chips. Most will end up as a filler and, if it has been correctly processed, as a fuel. It is unlikely that the laminate flooring will ever end up being used in construction projects again.

This is because there isn’t much that can be done with it after it has been processed. Most other types of wood, however, will end up being used in construction projects once they have finished processing.

In rare cases, laminate flooring can be turned into pulp. This means that it can be used in the production of paper. Although, even fewer recycling centers are going to be equipped to deal with this sort of thing.

Can You Put Laminate Flooring in the Standard Trash?

It is unlikely that you can, no. This applies even if the laminate flooring can’t be recycled in your area.

Most places will have size limits on what can be placed in the trash. As a result, you certainly wouldn’t be able to get laminate flooring in it.

You will likely end up having your trash left by the side of the road. The only real option that you will have here is hiring a dumpster to put this sort of waste in.

That being said, under absolutely no circumstances do we recommend that you throw laminate flooring away in the trash anyway. This is only going to end up in the landfill, or it may end up being burned. In both cases, toxic chemicals are going to be released into the environment.

You should also remember that laminate flooring being recycled reduces the demand for the wood industry. This means that your recycling means that fewer trees will need to be cut down. This, once again, means that you are going to be having a highly beneficial impact on the planet that you live on.

What Is The Least Toxic Flooring?
As a general rule, the least toxic flooring is traditional hardwood. Since it only contains natural wood as the main ingredient, there aren’t any toxic additives. The only thing you need to worry about is the potential of toxins being added when the floor is stained or sealed.

Any Other Ways You Can Dispose of Laminate Flooring?

If the laminate flooring is in fairly decent condition, and you have a good amount of it, then you may be able to sell it. Although, to be honest with you, this is more the type of thing that you should be giving away for free as opposed to anything else. We can’t imagine that there are that many people out there willing to part with their cash for a bit of old laminate flooring.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you burn laminate flooring. Remember what we said earlier about the chemicals in laminate flooring?

Well, if you burn it, you are going to be breathing in some pretty toxic fumes. We can’t imagine it is going to be good for the environment either. You can burn pretty much all wood out there, but this type of flooring is always going to be an absolute no go.


You can recycle laminate flooring. Although you may have to track down somewhere that is able to recycle it for you. At the moment, not every recycling center will deal with laminate flooring.

If you’re not able to find a local recycling center or manufacturer in your area, then you’re fine throwing laminate flooring in the trash or in a dumpster that you’ve rented or own.