Can You Recycle Q-Tips?

Can You Recycle Q-Tips?

We all know recycling is important – not only for the natural environment but for humans too. Recycling can create a beneficial impact on our planet. Unfortunately, proper protocols of recycling, i.e., how or where to recycle, aren’t easy to follow. These days, q-tips are the talk of the town. You can find them everywhere …

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Can You Recycle Inflatable Pool Toys

Can You Recycle Pool Toys?

Inflatable pool toys are a bit odd. On one hand, they are not recyclable (we will discuss why in a short while), on the other hand, you won’t want to put them into your normal garbage bin. Although, for the latter, you aren’t going to be left with much of a choice. Inflatable pool toys …

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Can You Recycle Notebooks

Can You Recycle Notebooks?

Thankfully, the past few years have experienced a massive shift towards sustainability. People are more considerate towards the planet than they were ever before. Suppose you also appreciate such an environment-friendly way of living. In that case, it’s about time you play your part in saving the eco-system too. To start, take minor yet revolutionary, …

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Can You Recycle Keyboards

Can You Recycle Keyboards?

Back in the not so distant past, bulky keyboards were required for every computer. Today, many people opt for laptops with keyboards attached. Though many people like small keyboards for tablets, the days for keyboards are slowly coming to an end. You can recycle keyboards using electronic recycling programs. Most big box electronic stores have …

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